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The Agile 4-in-1


This handy kitchen utensil has multiple purposes:

Serve Salad

Stir Sauces

Skillet Spatula

Small Oven Shovel


Maple wood utensils allow for the full enjoyment of all your food’s natural flavors and nutrients. It does not transfer the taste of the metal and its oxidizing effects on your food. Why not combine pleasure with a healthier choice.


Ergonomic – the sensual curves and simple beauty of the maple make for a visually stunning table. They have a wonderful feeling in your hands that enhance your dining pleasure.

An insulator, foods stay warm or cold depending on what you are eating.

A respite from the usual clatter of metal on plates as they produce a muted sound.

A perfect complement for healthier eating habits. The natural attributes of maple make these utensils a healthier choice. They enhance your commitment to a thoughtful lifestyle.

A long-term investment in response to today’s environmental concerns. With proper care, they can last for 15 years.


  • High-quality durable maple wood made in Canada harvested by maple tree farmers that follow sustainable forest management practices
  • They measure 11” (28 cm) in length
  • Made of 100% solid maple wood (does not contain any glue) and is eco-friendly
  • A unique combination of natural resin (flax seed oil, vegetal wax, rosemary, and lemon oils)
  • Complies with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) child and baby standards
  • One-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and cracking

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