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1 SET of Maple Wood Cutlery


This Maple Wood Cutlery is a unique and distinctive eco-friendly set that will add to the pleasure of any dining experience. The warmth and character of the wood, the soothing sound while you eat, and no transfer of the taste of metal, it makes for a healthier more pleasurable meal.

The full set comes with a Wooden Spoon, Fork and Knife that measure 8″ (21 cm.) in length.


This Maple Wood Cutlery set is the perfect combination of beauty and purpose. You care about what you eat, but …. have you ever thought of WHAT YOU EAT WITH?

Maple wood utensils allow for the full enjoyment of all your food’s natural flavours and nutrients. They do not transfer the taste of the metal and its oxidizing effects to your food. Why not combine pleasure with a healthier choice.

Whether you are on a RAW diet, vegan, vegetarian, or just a plain lover of food, using Maple Wood Cutlery will improve your meal. If you are allergic to metal, using Maple Wood Utensils will improve the quality of your life. If you are suffering from food tasting like metal, Maple Wood Cutlery might help to improve your appetite.


Maple wood cutlery lets you enjoy all your food’s natural flavours and nutrients. They won’t react when in contact with food.

Maple Wood is neutral when in contact with food. It won’t react when poking, scooping, cutting, or spreading food, ensuring that the taste is as it should be full of its intended nutrients.

They do not transfer the taste of the metal and its oxidizing effects on your food.

Maple wood is a strong, durable hardwood that is resistant to bacteria.

The porous nature of maple wood prevents bacteria from growing.

Wooden Cutlery won’t conduct heat. Your utensil will never transfer the heat of your food to your handle.

They are an insulator, foods stay warm or cold depending on what you are eating.

They are a respite from the usual clatter of metal on plates as they produce a muted sound.

The are ergonomic. The sensual curves and simple beauty of the maple make for a visually stunning table. They have a wonderful feeling in your hands that will enhance your dining pleasure.

The strong, sturdy, lightweight and smooth feel of wood is impossible to replicate.

They won’t scratche surfaces.

They are a perfect complement for healthier eating habits. The natural attributes of maple make these utensils a healthier choice. They will enhance your commitment to a thoughtful lifestyle.

They are a long-term investment in response to today’s environmental concerns. With proper care, they can last for 15 years.


  • Handmade from high-quality durable maple wood cultivated in Canada following sustainable forest management practices
  • The wooden spoon, fork and knife measure 8” (21cm) in length
  • Made of 100% solid maple wood (does not contain any glue) and is eco-friendly
  • Protected by a unique combination of natural resin (flax seed oil, vegetal wax, rosemary, and lemon oils)
  • Complies with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) standards for children
  • One-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and cracking


While OUR MAPLE WOOD CUTLERY  is naturally very durable, you can ensure thier longevity by following a few simple maintenance steps.

  • To clean your Maple Wood Cutlery, use warm soapy water and dry with a dish towel immediately.
  • Never soak in water. They are not dishwasher safe.
  • Should you notice the wood starting to dry out, you can apply a coat of food safe mineral oil to bring back the wood’s softness. Apply following the instructions on the food safe mineral oil that you purchase.

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