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Sometimes as I sit and sand each utensil my mind wanders to how I will use them.

As I sand each knife so that the blade it is just right to be able to cut, I think about cutting that piece of steak. As I sand each fork to be able to poke, I think about that piece of salad with its tasty lemon poppy seed dressing that is about to put into my mouth. But when I sand each bowl of a spoon, I think about that pear and parsnip soup, with a beautiful, seared scallop in the middle that is begging to be eaten.  For this reason, I think that the spoon is the most important utensil.

Now that we have established which utensil is the most important, I will let you know what a Maple Wood Spoon from JUstenbois will do to that pear and parsnip soup, with the beautiful, seared scallop in the middle. The answer is “nothing.” What I mean by that, is that it will let all the flavor of the soup be the only thing you taste. There will be no other taste, just that of the pear, parsnip, some seasonings, and that beautiful scallop. There will be no adverse reactions, like can happen with metal, which sometimes transfers a metallic taste. To ensure the purity of any food, there is really no other substitute for a Maple Wood Spoon from JUstenbois.

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