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About us

JUstenbois, Beautiful Products that are Eco-Friendly, a Healthier Choice and Produce Zero-Waste.

About JUstenbois

JUstenbois started in 2004 after a simple meal with friends that led to a piece of wood being carved by an x-acto knife to form a blade. The blade was used to cut a tomato. It worked, slicing the tomato with ease. A year of research and development followed, to choose the right wood and develop a process to create forks, knives, and spoons. Twelve families agreed to trade in their metal cutlery and give the wooden ones a try. Their reactions were outstanding. They all agreed that they would never go back. So, the start of JUstenbois took hold. 

After many years of corporate life, I decided to make a switch. The appeal to work with my hands in an industry that was good for people and the environment drew me in. I saw an opportunity to create and grow the business too, with the other skills that I had acquired through my years of experience in the Consumer Package Goods Industry.  

I now am working to create beautiful utensils, bowls, and plates for the whole family to enjoy in any setting and for any occasion. All while continuing to work towards improving our environment and contributing to the local community. The thing about following a sustainable healthier life is that it is never too late to begin, join me in making the switch.

Our team

JUstenbois believes in making a difference in our community by supporting local artisans. With a small team in a small town, we provide artisans in the area with stable work that supplements their passion for creating, as well as their income. They have the time to not only create on their own, but also create for JUstenbois. Work schedules are flexible, providing them the time to accomplish all their goals. 

We take pride in our creations and will work to improve the quality of the products and the service that JUstenbois offers. All our products are inspected using our fingers to feel and our eyes with the assistance of a magnifying glass to see if the quality of the products meets our standards.

We have a 1-Year warranty on wood cracking or splitting and manufacturing defects.

Responsible choice


From start to finish we will always make the eco-friendly choice. Very little wood is used to make one utensil, nearly 9,000 utensils are crafted from one tree. 

Our Maple Wood comes from cultivated trees primarily grown in Quebec. We purchase from sugar maple farms that follow sustainable management practices. A mature tree captures very little carbon dioxide. The removal of a mature tree allows younger trees to grow faster, thus capturing more carbon dioxide.

Our manufacturing process is environmentally responsible. It requires very little energy. We do not produce any air emissions or greywater throughout the manufacturing process.

Even the tools we use in the manufacturing process are diligently cleaned with all-natural lemon, ensuring that nothing that is toxic meets the wood.

We produce Zero-Waste. All wood residues are fully recovered and given to local farmers and greenhouses. I even use it as mulch in my garden.



Our coatings are a unique combination of naturally occurring resins (linseed oil, wax crystals, rosemary, and lemon extract) that comply with USFDA standards. These coatings seal the wood, improve durability, and enhance the look.

All packaging materials are made from recycled paper, biodegradable glue, and water-based ink.

Only recycled paper is used in our office. 

Retail orders are shipped in boxes that are recovered from a local grocery store.

Wrapping materials are either reused from orders we have received or from recycled paper. 

Millions of plastic utensils are thrown away every day. Plastic utensils take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. In the global awareness campaign aimed at reducing plastic waste, JUstenbois brings an eco-friendly, zero-waste, safe and sustainable solution to you. All our products have a long lifespan and are made of 100% natural ingredients making them 100% bio-degradable should their long life come to an end. 

A Maple Wood Utensil from JUstenbois can last up to 15 years. By comparison, bamboo utensils only last up to 6 months and do not offer the same smoothness, strength and ergonomic shape or style as a JUstenbois utensil. The lifespan of a JUstenbois utensil makes it an economical choice, with one maple wood utensil costing a modest sum of 20 ¢ / month compared to a bamboo utensil costing $2.60 / month.

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